Dedication and Experience

committed to providing our clients with a high level of experience, dedication and responsive service.

It is the office’s belief that success depends greatly on the ability to fully interact with the clients and understand their diverse needs. Our clients have full access to Ms. DoCouto, as she makes an effort to maintain open the lines of communication throughout the immigration process.

Our Portuguese or Spanish-speaking clients have the option of speaking in their native language directly with Ms. DoCouto. Many foreign clients consider this option an advantage even when they dominate the English language.


I, Maria DoCouto, I am Brazilian by birth, grew up in Salvador, Bahia, Brasil. Although I have started my university studies at the Federal University of Bahia, was the University of Massachusetts at Boston (University of Massachusetts at Boston) where I completed the Bachelor course and graduated as a lawyer at the Law School Suffolk University (Suffolk University Law School) also in Boston, Massachusetts. I have great pleasure in serving not only the Brazilian community but also all the people who speak Spanish. Please contact our office for information on our consultation service.

“We are located in Santa Barbara, CA.
Notwithstanding, our office is not limited to the geographical area where it is located.”MARIA DOCOUTO

The office has vast experience in serving clients residing anywhere in the country and/or various parts of the world. We have experience in working with US Consulate located in many different countries such as Brazil, Chile, Thailand, England, Sri Lanka, as well as East Europe countries and Central America countries. With our new state-of-art case management system, our clients now have quicker access to the developments of their case anywhere they have access to the internet. This is an optimum feature for traveling and long distance clients. This case management is an extremely secure system where the firm’s and our client’s privacy are greatly protected. In addition to this internet service, we continue to rely on more traditional forms of communications such as fax, telephone, US postal and private carrier services.

Besides serving as a consultant in a great number of immigration areas, our office is experienced in the preparation and filing of family immigration petitions/applications, deportation/removal proceedings, fiance(e) visas, tourist visas, non immigrant employment visas, lottery applications and final processing, adoption-related immigrant visas, naturalization, etc.

It is our goal to educate our clients in their immigration needs, to provide them with the different options available so that they may successfully reach a solution to their immigration goals. Because US Immigration Law is regulated by the Federal Government, Ms. DoCouto is qualified and authorized to serve her immigration clients in any State in the country.

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